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The Académie de Nantes and the State of Washington Partnership

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Dear World Language Leaders,

As you may know, OSPI has been working for over a year on signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Académie de Nantes, France. We hosted delegations from Nantes in December 2008 and 2009. I am delighted to report that the official MOU signing ceremony will take place via videoconference at OSPI on Tuesday, April 27. I don’t have details yet on who all can be invited, but if you’re interested in attending, let me know – no promises, though.

With the MOU (almost) in place, OSPI is in a position to help support and promote cultural exchanges of various sorts between the Académie de Nantes and our state. The first is this application for partnership schools that Nantes has sent to us. Misa has graciously agreed to receive the applications from schools in Washington and forward them to the DAREIC in Nantes. Please share this information and encourage schools that offer French to apply. This is a wonderful way to increase the statewide visibility of French in Washington and enrich the language-learning experiences of our students.

Here is the description of the program from the application form:

The Académie de Nantes and the State of Washington are preparing a partnership between their schools.

Through that partnership all partners agree to develop a range of joint educational and research activities for students, teachers, professors and school administrators.  Examples of possible cooperative projects include correspondence, visiting programs, and study/research activities and exchanges that are either face-to-face or mediated through technology.

 Joint educational projects could be based on a wide range of topics such as:

▪ Your school and its activities

▪ Your region: nature and environment, history, museums, tourism and gastronomy

▪ Culture: literature, visual and performing arts…

▪ Citizenship: the do’s and the don’ts, living together in a multicultural society…

▪ Cross-curricular subjects

If you or your school is interested in developing a partnership project with a school in France, please complete the application on the following pages. The cells in the application will expand as you enter information electronically.  Once you have completed the application, please save it as either a Word or RTF document and send it as an attachment to an email message to:

Misa Bourdoiseau
President AATF Northwest chapter (WA/AK/BC/AB)

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