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Deborah Boily - French Singer

E-mail received by Misa Bourdoiseau from Deborah Boily
 With the approach of the new school year, you may be looking for some new material to enhance the classroom experience (and your own as well).  I am a professional singer who has recorded two CDs of French Popular music and I have collaborated with a university French professor to author and create a companion eBook teaching manual for these CDs, entitled “A French Collection” and “French Collection Deux”. These collections include the beloved songs of French artists as Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour, among others. This material is geared for high school and university-level students.

Each chapter in the teaching manual highlights a song and covers grammar, vocabulary and French culture and encourages communication and conversation activities.  It also has useful links for the teacher and creative in-class exercises for the students. I also give some artist comments about the song itself and my experience in learning it, performing it and other interesting anecdotes I wanted to share.

I can attest to the success of this approach. While living and performing in Paris, I used a similar method with American songs and lyrics to teach English. Lyrics taught the students vocabulary and sentence construction, while the music touch and held them emotionally. We were able to have conversations of substance while discussing the song’s story. 

The CDs and eBook are available for purchase online at The eBook is downloadable upon purchase, and the accompanying CDs are mailed USPS within 24 hours of purchase. If you’d like to get a feel for the music and performance quality, two free song downloads are available and you may listen to other song selections as well.

Please share this email with your fellow AATF regional members and French teaching colleagues. I greatly appreciate your time and support.

Cordialement et merci bien,

Deborah Boily

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