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OnPoint Prize for Excellence: Sheryl Meservey

Félicitations à un de nos membres, Sheryl Meservey, nommée finaliste pour le prix « OnPoint Prize for Excellence !» Si vous voulez aider Sheryl, visitez ce lien et votez pour elle. La date limite est le 30 avril, 2011. On souhaite bonne chance à Sheryl !

Circle of Excellence

Congratulations to the teachers who reached our Circle of Excellence! These ten teachers were deemed to be the “best of the best” by the OnPoint Prize Selection Committee. From this group, the Committee will select the Educator of the Year and three finalists. We’ll also be awarding a Community Choice winner based on your votes!
    Educator of the Year
    One individual will get his/her mortgage paid for one year, plus $5,000 to his/her school for resources and supplies.
    One teacher will be voted Community Choice Winner
    All Circle of Excellence teachers will have the opportunity to be voted on by the public, via The Circle of Excellence teacher with the most votes will win the Community Choice Award, and will receive a $1,500 cash award and $1,500 for his/her school for resources and supplies. If the Community Choice winner is also the Educator of the Year chosen by committee, the teacher receiving the second most community votes will become the Community Choice winner. Voting starts April 22.
    Three individuals will be selected as Finalists
    They win $1,500 cash award, plus $1,500 for his/her school for resources and supplies.
    Awards will be given to five semi-finalists
    $250 for classroom resources and supplies.
To choose your favorite teacher, simply click on their name from the list below. Go to their profile page and click on the “vote” button. You can place only vote for the teacher of your choice. Additionally, only one vote can be cast from a single IP address. All computers in business and school networks may be on the same IP address, so you may not be able to vote from more than one computer per network. A successful vote will receive a “Thank you for voting” message. In the event the Community Choice winner has been chosen by the Selection Committee as Educator of the Year, the Community Choice winner will be the teacher who received the next highest number of votes.

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