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Deux articles au sujet de l'apprentissage des langues étrangères

The Pentagon's Foreign-Language Frustrations (

"Learning the language will not only help one learn about that culture but be able to operate more effectively once immersed in it," writes Smiley, who now serves in Saudi Arabia, and has been a military adviser to both Afghan and Saudi security forces. "Improving our language skills may lead to more effective and efficient techniques for building the capacity of our current and future partners and reduce the need for deployments of robust US forces."

Back to School: Language Lessons (Sammamish

Starting in middle school

"Both school districts offer accredited foreign language classes starting in eighth grade. Inglewood students can take Spanish or French starting in eighth grade. Students at every Issaquah School District middle school can take Spanish, but only those at Issaquah Middle School and Maywood Middle School have an option for French, according to Sara Niegowski, the district’s communications director."

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