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$1000 Scholarships to study French available from Seattle-Nantes Dollars for Scholars.

The mission of Seattle-Nantes Dollars for Scholars is to facilitate access to appropriate education for students in the state of Washington who have a passion for French language and culture, specifically by providing scholarships to students pursuing studies in those fields in an institution of higher education in the state of Washington.

Students do not need to major in French, but the study of French language or culture must be an important part of their studies. The primary selection criteria are a passion for French and the ability to complete their proposed course of studies. Students should be encouraged to apply even if they have done so in previous years, as many of our scholarships are awarded to previous applicants.

Students can download our scholarship application from our web site

Applications are also available at and From these two sites students can apply for many other scholarships.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Bennett at  

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