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AIM Workshop for teachers of French and Spanish : May 12-13 2012

We have actually decided to change the location from Seattle to Vancouver, BC, as the vast majority of people registered so far are from Vancouver!

Workshop Web site 

What is the Accelerative Integrated Methodology?
AIM Language Learning is a language publishing and teacher development organization built around the Accelerative Integrated Methodology (AIM) developed by Wendy Maxwell, Master Teacher and Program Creator.

Workshop Facilitator: Robert Slabodnik
Workshop Facilitator: Magali Forte

AIM blends the best of language-acquisition theory and brain-based research with systematized and engaging classroom practice, creating astounding results. The use of high-frequency vocabulary – introduced with gestures and contextualized in stories, drama, songs and dance – allows students to rapidly achieve levels of oral and written fluency rarely seen with conventional methods. One significant difference is that AIM takes a story-based approach to language learning, rather than a thematic approach. AIM gives students a working fluency in the target language in less than 100 instructional hours using these key techniques:
  • Gestures are used to convey meaning to ensure a target-language only environment! Teachers do the gestures; students do thetalking.
  • Useful, key words are taught first. Don’t wait to teach high-frequency words because they are hard to conjugate!
  • Grammar raps are memorized to learn and use the rules.  Finally grammar is both cool and fun!
  • Songs, dances and plays engage students in an exciting classroom environment!
  • Cooperative activities get students working with each other speaking and writing creatively in the target language.

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