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Quelques trouvailles pour les Fêtes!

Bonnes fêtes à tous nos membres et amis! Voici quelques sites et vidéos à partager avec vos collègues et vos étudiants.

L'équipe de l'AATF WA/AK/BC/AB vous souhaite de bonnes vacances et de belles fêtes! 

Taylor Nelson Sofres (Société du groupe des études de marketing et d'opinion) a fait un sondage sur les traditions de Noël de plusieurs pays. Le site est interactif, intéressant et éducatif.  

Judy Davis a trouvé une vidéo sur l'Epiphanie et la Galette des Rois. La présentatrice explique bien la tradition de la fève et montre sa belle collection. Merci, Judy! 

Rien à voir avec Noël: MOddou (Marc Oddou - fondateur du site) C'est un site de jeux interactifs de vocabulaire et de grammaire. Ce jeu avec les prépositions est une révision rapide pour smartphones, tablettes et ordinateurs. Il y a plusieurs choix d'activités classés par thème.  MOddou offre également des ressources authentiques avec des exercices de compréhension. 


Spring WAFLT conference: February 22, 2014 - Pacific Lutheran University

French teachers, please consider presenting at the SpringConference at Pacific Lutheran University on February 22nd, 2014. It is imperative that we share our experiences whether they be fully-planned thematic units or off-the-cuff experiments. Our programs depend on our unique approaches to language learning. 

Sandrine Collomb - 2013 Fall WAFLT 
Sharing resources allows other teachers to enrich the experiences of their students and allows all of us to grow professionally. The conversations that occur during a presentation are perhaps the best professional development offered to World Language teachers. Whether in French or in English, you contribution will be greatly appreciated. Merci!

Sonya Morrison - 2013 Fall WAFLT 

The WAFLT Spring Regional Conference will be held at 
Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, Saturday, 
February 22, 2014, from 8:30am-4:30pm. Proposals are now being accepted for 60 minute sessions. The conference theme is Embracing New Realities: Evaluating Tomorrow's Teaching Professionals Today. Proposals accepted until January 20 or until program fills. All presenters must register for the conference. The registration will be $35 for WAFLT members, $45 for non-members, and the registration fee includes breakfast, lunch, and 7 clock hours. We welcome sessions on any topic, but we would also encourage sessions that relate to our theme. Each breakout room will have a computer, projector, screen, and Internet. No other equipment will be provided. If you have any questions, please contact Bridget Yaden at


NEH Summer Seminar 2014 with stipend - Memories Divided and Reconciled: World Wars I and II in France Today

Mary Anne O'Neil (Past President) would like to recommend this outstanding opportunity to participate in an NEH Summer Seminar in France. The deadline to apply is 4 March 2014. Michelle Pounder (AATF WA secretary) has participated in a Summer Seminar and can attest to the powerful learning experience. There is a stipend to assist with the costs. Please explore the site for more information.

Theme: Memories Divided and Reconciled: World Wars I and II in France Today

Locations: Paris and Normandy

Richard J. Golsan, Texas A&M University

Nathan Bracher,
Texas A&M University

This seminar will examine the memories and legacies of World Wars I and II in contemporary France through the study of monuments, museums, and battle fields as well as important recent works of fiction and film. The first week will be spent in Paris during which time we will visit monuments of both wars including the Historial de la Grande Guerre and the battle site of the Somme, the Mémorial de la Shoah and Mont Valerien. The remainder of our stay will be spent in Caen in Normandy, where we will go together and return by bus. In Normandy, we will visit the D-Day landing sites and study at the Mémorial. Films to be view include The Sorrow and the Pity and Life and Nothing But. Novels to be read include HHhH and 1914.

It is important to stress that while seminar discussions will be conducted in English, lectures on some field trips, most notably our two-day visit to the Normandy landing sites, will be in French. Also, one reading, Jean Echenoz's 1914, is only available in French. Therefore, French reading as well as aural proficiency will be expected of all successful applicants, and they should address this issue of the language proficiency in some detail in their application. In addition, applicants must possess a degree of oral proficiency in order to be able to take care of their daily needs in Paris and Normandy.

Please note: NEH Summer Scholars are responsible for their own lodging and transportation arrangements in Paris, as the Seminar will be officially concluded.

In Paris the NEH Summer Scholars will be housed at the Centre International de Séjour de Paris- Maurice Ravel, a dormitory residence run by the city of Paris and located near the Parc de Vincennes. Meetings of the seminar and departures for field trips and the transfer to Caen will also be located at the CISP. NEH Summer Scholars will reside in single rooms; there are some double occupancy rooms available on a first come, first serve basis. Each room is equipped with a small, private bathroom and television. There is a WiFi connection in the spacious lobby where beverages and snacks are available. There is also an inexpensive cafeteria open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (Please see Stipend below for information on meals provided in Paris). Surrounding neighborhoods offer shops, cafes, a laundromat, a post office and other amenities. Within a few minutes' walk is Metro station Porte de Vincennes (Line 1). Within ten minutes are Metro stations Bel Air (Line 6) and Porte Dorée (Line 8, Tramway Line 3).

Once in Caen, the NEH Summer Scholars will be housed at the Sphinx- Residence Tempologis, in comfortable, fully equipped studio apartments ( (with dishes, towels, sheets and blankets, dishes, etc.) NEH Summer Scholars will pay for all their own meals while in Caen. Each room has television and internet access, but no phone. There is a laundry room in the building. These apartments are located about 400 yards from the Memorial, where all the Seminar meetings will take place. Downtown Caen is about a 30 minute walk (1.8 miles) from Tempologis. There are also buses that run into town approximately every twenty minutes during the day, and less frequently at night. There are two shopping centers, a post office, a café and a park with botanical gardens within ten minutes' walk from the residence.

Please Note: Neither the CISP in Paris nor Tempologis is air-conditioned.

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The Seminar Stipend for four-week Seminar is $3300. This is taxable and intended to help cover project expenses (air fare to and from Paris, books, and lodging and meals in Paris and Normandy.) The cost of the bus round-trip from Paris to Normandy is covered by the Seminar. The list of books to be purchased is provided below. Please note: the cost of individual NEH Summer Scholar's lodging in Paris and in Normandy, as well as some meals, will be deducted from the Scholars' stipends in advance, as these payments will be due before our arrival. The remainder of the stipend will be sent to the Summer Scholars before their departure to help defray costs of airline tickets, etc. In Paris two meals a day (breakfast plus lunch or dinner) will be deducted. No meals in Normandy will be deducted.

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You should plan on ordering the following books in advance. Jean Echenoz's 1914 is only available in French. It can be ordered on

Annette Becker and Stéphane Audouin-Rouzeau. 14-18: Understanding the Great War.
Laurent Binet. HHhH.
Jean Echenoz. 1914. (Only available in French. It can be ordered on
Irène Némirovsky. Suite Française.
Henry Rousso. The Vichy Syndrome.


Documentaire et ressource inédite- Photo de classe

Bonjour à tous nos lectrices et lecteurs !

Documentaire: Photo de Classe

 Nicole Naditz, professeur de français en Californie et participante au réseau professionnel d’enseignants (PLN) de Twitter et Facebook, a partagé ce lien avec notre groupe ce week-end. Il s’agit d’un documentaire multimédia, «Photo de classe», filmé dans une classe de CE2 à Paris avec les enjeux de la diversité et les origines des familles de ses élèves. C’est une ressource indispensable qui présente les réalités de la diversité en France, et c’est un outil essentiel quand on parle de nos descriptions, de nos familles et de nos origines. 
Je vous suggère fortement de prendre une demi-heure afin d’explorer les sept tableaux dont la navigation se trouve en bas de la page. Comment pourrait-on utiliser cette ressource avec nos débutants et intermédiaires ? Si l’idée de collaborer sur une fiche pédagogique sur le documentaire vous tente, laissez-moi un message dans les commentaires ou envoyez-moi un e-mail.  
Bonne lecture et bonne continuation! 
Le prochain billet sera dédié aux événements francophones dans notre région.
Catherine Ousselin