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Spring WAFLT 2014 - 22 February 2014 - Pacific Lutheran University

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The Spring WAFLT will be held at Pacific Luthern University on February 22nd 2014. Much like an Edcamp, the one-day WAFLT is a fantastic "shot in the arm" of Professional Development as we begin Second Semester. The conference theme is, "Embracing New Realities: Evaluating Tomorrow's Teaching Professionals Today." There will be a round table discussion on TPEP (Teacher Principal Evaluation project), a reality for all Washington teachers. 

Registration is $35 for members and $45 for non-members which includes breakfast, lunch and 7 clock hours!  

Sarah Hulburt
Marie-Anne Harkness
Explore the current schedule (click to view). There are currently four French presentations including: Sarah Hulburt's, "The Francophone Frontier" and "Rescue and Resistance in France" by Marie-Anne Harkness. Susan Redd will present a 90-minute session on the film, "Letters from Karelia" 

Catherine Ousselin will present a session on using Social Media with students in French, but we could use more in any language. Please join us for this engaging and interactive day of learning. 

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